Forestry Cost Estimator Project

Submitted as part of the Future of Forestry Hackathon

Tree Mapper

The Tree Mapper app demonstrates the use of GIS data to assist in weighing the value of a tree against the cost of harvesting it. The app can be used to visualize the property and enable collaboration between the landowner and the harvester. The map below displays individual trees and elevation data. The color shading indicates elevation from blue (low) to red (high). Each tree is clickable with embedded data about each individual tree, and the individual layers can be clicked on or off.

The size of the green circles represents the size of the tree, the colored circles indicate a cost impedance to harvesting that tree, which was calculated based on the slope at the tree and its distance to the nearest road, and the size of the brown squares represents a timber value in board feet.

You can change the basemap, make measurements, draw and annotate the map and share that with your clients or other stakeholders or print your map.

You may also access this app on a mobile device using the QR code below:

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